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"Dealers Need to Get on the Text Message Bandwagon: Dealer service communication overwhelmingly takes place either in person at the dealership or over the phone; only 2% of all customers currently receive service updates via text message or email. Yet, 37% of Gen X[1] customers and 38% of Gen Y customers prefer to receive service updates via text message or email. Even 22% of Boomer customers prefer text or email communication. The willingness to communicate according to customer preference is a tremendous opportunity to increase satisfaction." - JD Power - Automotive Recalls Drive Decline in Service Satisfaction

Control Workflow allows you to create your own configurable, visual workflow which you control.

Save Time creates proactive communication which greatly reduces unnecessary phone calls.

Stay Informed enables you to better manage your workflow AND your customer to better manage their day.

Access Anywhere is accessible via the internet... computer or mobile device.

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What We Offer

  • Improved Communication

    Service writers have found that customers don't need to call to find out the status of their vehicle. Your customers stay informed throughout their vehicle's repair process with simple text messages.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    One of the biggest frustration points when dropping off a vehicle is knowing it is about to go into a time void! gives your customer a higher level of trust with your shop. They appreciate the timely communication.

  • Work Flow

    The way the system is designed, it is very easy to identify bottleneck situations. To clarify further, a company has several vehicles in-house but with very few being diagnosed. The service manager can quickly react to the cause of the stoppage.

  • Remote Management

    Since this tool is built as a web portal, it can be viewed when away from the shop or office. A business owner can see what is active in their shop at any time, from anywhere, as long as there is access to the internet.

  • Faster Communication

    People are busy and tend to ignore unrecognized phone calls and seldom check voice mails. Unfortunately, this usually means they miss your call asking for their approval to begin repairs. With, response time is faster.

  • Save Time

    It has been proven that saves everyone time by keeping business personnel and customers up-to-date and informed. The result is that the shop has greater credibility when timely, proactive, and unobtrusive communication is established.

..The system is extremely functional and has added numerous features. I am completely sold on the system and the new management reports... client